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Fakultät Physik


Semiconductor quantum technologies are expected to have a tremendous impact on communication, computation and sensing. Operating and studying them by means of optics is highly demanding and may require ultrafast, ultranarrow or especially tailored light fields.

The main goal of our group is to develop tailored spectroscopy and optical control techniques for a wide range of semiconductor quantum technologies. We merge key expertise from spin physics, ultrafast spectroscopy, quantum optics and quantum information.

We apply these techniques to realize a wide range of quantum technologies: For example, we control spin systems on ultrashort timescales to store quantum information, we use custom-shaped light fields to imprint optical circuits in polariton systems and we use spectrally ultranarrow laser beams to create Rydberg excitons - giant exciton states that are up to 10 orders more sensitive to external fields than common excitons.

In this section of our website you will find information about our team and recent events.