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In Memory of Victor Sapega

We are mourning the sudden loss of our colleague and friend Prof. Victor Sapega from the A.F. Ioffe Institute in St. Petersburg. For many years of joint research and close communication, we remember Victor as a person who is infinitely devoted to his work on laser spectroscopy of semiconductors. He was a true, deeply devoted scientist who carefully addressed all aspects of a scientific problem and is one of the pioneers of hot photoluminescence, optical alignment, and Raman scattering. Victor was the mentor of a large group of young experimental physicists, who highly appreciated him because of being a sympathetic and committed friend, ready to support at any moment. We remember him as the kindest person of a very fine character, a true gentleman who combined intelligence, decency, and love for physics, his colleagues and life. It was always inspiring to discuss physics and topics beyond with him, we will miss these meetings and conversations.

Victor generously shared his knowledge and skills, and thanks to him, the technique of spin-flip Raman scattering was introduced in Dortmund, several generations of graduate students were trained in it and bright, unexpected effects were disclosed.

We got used to Victor's frequent visits to Dortmund, he was an integral part of the international community working here. We miss him sorely and will honor his memory.


Members of Experimental Physics 2,

8th April 2022

Photo of Victor Sapega © Victor Sapega